The drug Prozac® is usually prescribed to those with depression and anxiety. While it is effective in treating these conditions, taking Prozac® while pregnant has been linked to the cause of very serious birth defects. There are plenty of birth defects listed in correlation to Prozac®, some are more life-threatening than others.

Prozac® and Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension

The condition known as Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn or PPHN is one of the most serious Prozac® birth defects. This condition can occur in healthy, near term infants resulting in respiratory failure after birth. Infants born with PPHN do not survive 20 percent of the time.

Prozac® and Congenital Heart Defects

Other birth defects like atrial septal defects and ventricular septal defects are congenital heart defects that may be linked to the use of Prozac® during pregnancy. A septal defect refers to the condition in which there is a hole in the heart. The terms atrial and ventricular specify the location of the hole.

Prozac® and Omphalocele

Other serious birth defects include craniosynostosis, where early fusion of the pieces of the child’s skull result in an abnormal or deformed head shape. Omphalocele, which is when the baby’s internal abdominal organs protrude outside of the body through the navel, can also be caused by taking Prozac®. In addition to these, there are more Prozac® related birth defects that you need to be informed about. If there is any connection between the Prozac® you took during pregnancy and your child’s birth defects, we can help.


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