Actos® is a prescription drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes. The body of a person with Type 2 diabetes does not produce a sufficient amount of insulin on its own. Actos® increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which is normally produced by the pancreas to aid in the control of blood sugar. A person taking Actos® may be at risk for serious side effects such as a potential increased risk of bladder cancer.  Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of Actos®.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms

If you have taken Actos® and have bladder cancer, do not hesitate to take action. Some symptoms of bladder cancer are bloody urine, the urge to urinate often, painful urination, and feeling the urge to urinate often, but not finding relief. People with bladder cancer have also shown symptoms including weight loss, fatigue, abdominal pain and incontinence. If you think you might have bladder cancer, see your physician immediately.

Actos® and Bladder Cancer

A 10-year study linking Actos® to bladder cancer pointed out the potential for increased risk of bladder cancer in patients taking Actos® for a long period of time. The correlation found in the study was so strong that the France health officials prohibited the drug from being prescribed starting in June 2011.

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Actos® and the FDA

The FDA requested that the makers of Actos® issue a black box warning containing a list of issues regarding health safety. This type of warning is one of the strongest label changes the FDA can request to add. The makers of Actos® have still not included the full danger of bladder cancer risk on their black box warning label as of September 2011.

The decision to recall Actos® is pending further analysis of Actos® clinical data by the FDA.

Actos® FDA Warning

The FDA released drug safety information stating that the use of pioglitazone, also known as Actos®, for over one year might be associated with an increase in the risk of bladder cancer. In patients who took Actos® for more than one year, there is a 40% increased risk of bladder cancer when compared to patients who had no history with the drug. Click to read more about the FDA drug safety information concerning Actos®.


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