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Victor Longo serves clients who have been injured and need the help of an attorney who cares about their needs. Of primary concern to Victor is helping anyone who has been harmed from drugs, medical practices, defective devices or accidents, and especially children born with birth defects that could and should have been prevented.

Personal Injury and Medical Devices

Accidents and personal injuries can place an emotional, financial, and physical burden on you and your loved ones. These unanticipated events caused by the negligence of another can be completely devastating.

Some examples of personal injury are:

Drug Injury

Sometimes the medications you take to feel better can harm you. The result could be a serious drug injury to you.  If you are pregnant when you take some drugs, significant injury to your baby could occur. Sometimes the injuries from these drugs do not show up until many years later. Drug injuries that could have been prevented cause heartache and are often devastating.

Some examples of drugs linked to drug injuries are:

Birth Injury

Approximately seven out of 1,000 babies born in the United States are born with a physical injury. Unfortunately, this is sometimes the result of insufficient care or negligence provided by a doctor, nurse, or midwife. Caring for a child with a birth injury can be emotionally draining and costly.

Some examples of birth injuries are:

  • Cerebral Palsy,
  • Erb’s Palsy, and
  • Brain swelling

Some drugs associated with birth injuries are:

Maritime Injury

Most worker injuries on the job entitle the employee to workers’ compensation benefits. However, if your job involves working on a vessel at sea, coastal waters, a river system, or on an offshore oil rig, you are not entitled to workers’ compensation. Instead, you are covered by federal admiralty law, also known as “maritime law” or the “Jones Act”.

There are several types of damages that are available to injured crew members, which include:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Mental Anguish
  • Lost Wages and Lost Earning Capacity
  • Medical and Assisted Living Expenses

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  • I have worked with Victor for several years on a variety of cases. He has all of the qualities anyone could want in a business partner and lawyer – smart, hardworking, honest, caring, creative and able to achieve results. He is also a dedicated husband and father and gives back to the community through charitable and community service projects. I recommend him without reservations.

    Cynthia Moulton
  • I’ve known Victor Longo for more than 20 years, since he was in law school. To my knowledge and in my experience with Mr. Longo, his business practices are professional, trustworthy and industrious. He has acted as President and the general counsel for a successful family business for years and recently has become more involved in the personal injury practice.


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